Frequently Asked Questions About Maryland i-Pathways

Why do I have to go to a local program for pre-testing?
You must demonstrate your ability to successfully manage the MD i-Pathways online curriculum by achieving minimum pre-test scores in math and reading before entering the program. CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) or TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) are the testing instruments used by local programs to assess your current skills.
What is a CASAS or TABE pre-test?
DLLR currently uses the CASAS or TABE battery of tests for entry into Adult Education programs. The information on these tests relate directly to everyday reading and math skills. Higher scores on these tests indicate a mastery of basic skills, which is the foundation for critical thinking skills necessary to pass the GED® tests. Each test takes approximately one hour to complete.
What is computer-based testing?
In January 2014 a new version of the GED® tests was released. Learners now complete the tests on computers at testing centers throughout Maryland. Visit this link to learner more about computer-based GED® testing:
What are the requirements for students under the age of 19?
For applicants age 18, documentation of school withdrawal is required and must be provided at time of testing in order to receive services. Students under the age of 18 can not be served by adult education programs.
What if I don’t have a social security number?
Our system uses your social security number as a unique identifier. If you do not have an SSN you may use a TIN or an EIN. For more information on obtaining a social security number you may visit this site:
How much does the Maryland i-Pathways program cost?
The Maryland i-Pathways program is offered at no cost for Maryland residents.
How much does the program cost for non-Maryland residents?
Maryland i-Pathways is not currently offered to non-Maryland residents.
How long does it take to finish the program?
Our program provides you with an individual learning plan. You are given assignments in subjects that you have not mastered. Although we ask for a 15 week commitment, you may actually finish in less time.
Can I take the official GED® test online?
As of the summer of 2020 online proctored GED tests are available on a limited basis. Please visit and click on "Schedule a Test" for more details and information on availability. Only tests delivered through GED testing service and are official GED tests. Be careful of fraudulent claims for GED testing online.
Are there any special requirements needed for Maryland i-Pathways?
You must have regular, reliable access to the internet (broadband is recommended) and achieve the minimum required CASAS pre-test scores of 231 in reading and 220 in math; or TABE pre-test scores of 536 in reading and 537 in math.
Am I allowed to contact my instructor?
Absolutely! You will have access to your instructor via direct links to email and message boards. Your instructor will also give you feedback on your assignments.
If I didn't do well in school, can I do this?
Absolutely! You won't be on your own. Maryland i-Pathways is a teacher-supported distance learning program. You will have access to your instructor via email, chat, and message boards. Your instructor will give you feedback and guidance on your assignments. You can also find us on Facebook where you can ask questions and connect with other distance learners.
I am on a page that says I need a State License Number. What does this mean?
If you are on a page requesting a State License Number you are on the wrong page. Please return to our home page and click on “Get Started". You will not obtain a student login and password until you pre-test, qualify and are assigned to an instructor.
I still have questions…who can I contact?
For fast response to additional questions, please email the Program Coordinator at You may also leave a voice mail at 443-206-1877 (M-F 9 am-2 pm EST). Please include your question and an email address for quick response via the internet.